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Paul Hellwig

Hi, I'm Paul Hellwig.

Strategy Consultant in DeepTech.

After many years as a Chief Data Officer and Chief Technology Officer, I now consult independently. My areas of expertise include AI, Data Analytics, Interoperability, Cloud - and the people working with technology: 'Machine helping human'.

I create digitalization strategies and roadmaps. I lead projects for digital transformation. And I offer certificate trainings on AI and Interoperability.

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I work exclusively for a select few clients. My passion is the bigger picture in combination with deep dives into technology topics. I have the expertise, dedicate myself to understanding your challenges, and support you with full commitment.

My Mad Skill is bouldering: The harder the problem, the more persistent I get. Contact me, and together we'll find a solution.

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My Topics In 19 years of transforming companies with a focus on DeepTech initiatives like platforms, analytics & AI, I've acquired in-depth expertise in tech topics. Here's a selection.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lecturer AI in Healthcare at Fresenius University

Data Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning, and now AI: I've played a significant role in developing usable products through all hype cycles.

Interoperability (FHIR, IHE)

Member of the German Interop Council as an Expert in Interoperability

My passion project. I am a member of the German Interop Council as an expert in interoperability. Example project: Architecture concept, procurement, project implementation for a large hospital group.

IT Strategy & Architectures

Extensive experience in designing and implementing robust, scalable IT architectures that support business goals.

Data Engineering & Business Intelligence

I built a Data Warehouse for a startup in 2005. Since then, I've designed solutions with various SQL and NoSQL databases and BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, Qlik).

Platforms & Cloud

Deep expertise in cloud computing, including architecture, deployment, and management of scalable cloud solutions.

Data Governance, Data Protection & IT Security

A proven track record in establishing robust data governance frameworks, ensuring data protection compliance, and enhancing IT security postures.

Services With 13 years of experience leading IT organizations as Chief Data Officer and Chief Technology Officer, I offer a wide range of services in IT and transformation management. Here's a selection.

Vision, Strategie und Roadmaps

Offering strategic advice to align technology initiatives with business objectives, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Concept Development

Developing comprehensive roadmaps and concepts to guide your digital transformation journey, ensuring strategic alignment and clarity.

Project Management for Digital Transformation

Expert project management services to ensure your technology projects are delivered efficiently, meeting all goals and objectives.

Interim Management

Interim Management, whether agile or traditional, ensures flexible and targeted leadership of the company, a business unit, one or more teams, and projects to maximize success and efficiency.

Demand Management, Procurement Support

Managing technology demands and supporting procurement processes to secure the best value and strategic fit for technology investments.

Trainings for teams and domain experts

Providing certificate trainings on key technologies and methodologies to enhance your team's skills and capabilities.

1-zu-1 Coaching & Sparring

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Industries Through long-term, sustainable work with market leaders in their respective domains, I've gained deep expertise in the following industries.


Specialized in digital health strategies, interoperability, and technology solutions to improve patient care and operational efficiency.


Expertise in digital transformation strategies for publishers, including content management, distribution technologies, and digital rights management.

Pharma / Life Sciences

In-depth knowledge of digital strategies in pharma and life sciences, focusing on research and development efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and market access.


Experience in financial services technology, including fintech innovation, digital banking solutions, and cybersecurity.

Real Estate & Sustainability

Expertise in leveraging technology for the real estate industry, focusing on smart buildings, sustainability, and efficient property management.

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